Welcome to the web home for The Centre for Psychological and Relationship Counselling, based in Victoria, Australia.  

The Centre, which was established in 1998, provides a counselling service which offers experience in an extensive array of psychological problems for individuals (adults, adolescents and children), couples and families. We also conduct groups for anxiety problems, particularly Social Phobia and Panic Disorder. Our practice aims to help people in a respectful and meaningful manner. The therapeutic techniques are tailored to the client and their needs, but predominantly we use Cognitive Behavioural techniques which address the impact of a person’s thoughts on their feelings and behaviour. We can help with:

Panic and Anxiety Disorders
Depression and Post Natal Depression
Nervous breakdowns
Relationship difficulties, including family issues 
Issues related to physical assault, sexual assault, domestic violence and other criminal acts 
Childhood sexual abuse issues
Life crises
Post Traumatic Stress problems
Pain Management 
Sleep problems 
Eating Disorders

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