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We have locations at Preston, Mill Park and Northcote.

For all enquiries please call 9495 1374.

Fax:9484 0895


Welcome to the web home for the Centre for Psychological and Relationship Counselling, based in Victoria, Australia.

The Centre, which was established in 1998, provides a counselling service which offers experience in an extensive array of psychological problems for individuals (adults, adolescents and children), couples and families.

Our practice aims to help people in a respectful and meaningful manner. The therapeutic techniques are tailored to the client and their needs, but predominantly we use Cognitive Behavioural techniques which address the impact of a person’s thoughts on their feelings and behaviour.

We can help with:

  • Panic & Anxiety Disorders
  • Depression & Post-Natal Depression
  • Nervous breakdowns
  • Relationship difficulties, family problems
  • Issues related to physical assault, sexual assault, domestic violence and other criminal acts
  • Childhood sexual abuse issues
  • Life crises
  • Stress
  • Post Traumatic Stress problems
  • Pain management
  • Workplace injuries, return to work issues
  • Vocational assessments
  • Sleep problems
  • Eating disorders
  • Assertiveness problems
  • Difficulties with self esteem and self confidence, including Social Phobia & Social Anxiety
  • Grief and loss issues
  • Drug and alcohol problems
  • We provide support to employees of local businesses.

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